Completion of the first phase of the project of the construction of the water drag tunnel from Alawali river          Meeting with MP Pharaon          Ceremony for launching of the first conference of the digital government          Visit of deputy M. Kazem El Kher      








21/05/2014 The President of the Council and Head of Tripoli Municipality Discuss Tripoli's Cultural Heritage
20/05/2014 The President of the Council and the Baabda Serail Committee discuss the restoration of the Serail
17/05/2014 Laying the Foundation Stone for Deir El Qamar Hospital
16/05/2014 Signing the Minutes of the Meeting Held on the Status of Soft Loans Financed by the Italian Protocols
08/05/2014 A Meeting with the Minister of Social Affairs and a Mission from the Kuwait Fund
07/05/2014 Visit of the Korean Ambassador to Lebanon
06/05/2014 Participation in the Meeting of the Ministerial Committees
02/05/2014 Meeting with the Municipality of Beirut
02/05/2014 Meeting with the World Bank Mission
25/04/2014 Visit of the French Ambassador
23/04/2014 Visit of MP Kazem El-Kheir
22/04/2014 Participation in the Ministerial Committee
22/04/2014 A Working Meeting with MP Amin Wehbe
03/04/2014 Visit of the World Bank Mission
28/03/2014 The final meeting with the European Investment Bank and the Islamic Development Bank missions
26/03/2014 Meeting with the Executive Secretary- General of "ESCWA"
19/03/2014 Meeting with Experts to Review Studies Pertaining to Bisri Dam
17/03/2014 Meeting with a Delegation from the Japanese JICA Agency
12/03/2014 Meeting with the Union of Municipalities
12/03/2014 The Works Committee Resumes Discussing the Water Crisis and methods of Preserving it
12/03/2014 A Follow-up Meeting at the Grand Serail
11/03/2014 Participation in the Finance and Budget Committee
10/03/2014 MP Kazem El-Kheir visit
08/03/2014 Participation in the Lebanese Economic Forum
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