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06/05/2014 Participation in the Meeting of the Ministerial Committees
02/05/2014 Meeting with the Municipality of Beirut
02/05/2014 Meeting with the World Bank Mission
25/04/2014 Visit of the French Ambassador
23/04/2014 Visit of MP Kazem El-Kheir
22/04/2014 Participation in the Ministerial Committee
22/04/2014 A Working Meeting with MP Amin Wehbe
03/04/2014 Visit of the World Bank Mission
28/03/2014 The final meeting with the European Investment Bank and the Islamic Development Bank missions
26/03/2014 Meeting with the Executive Secretary- General of "ESCWA"
19/03/2014 Meeting with Experts to Review Studies Pertaining to Bisri Dam
17/03/2014 Meeting with a Delegation from the Japanese JICA Agency
12/03/2014 Meeting with the Union of Municipalities
12/03/2014 The Works Committee Resumes Discussing the Water Crisis and methods of Preserving it
12/03/2014 A Follow-up Meeting at the Grand Serail
11/03/2014 Participation in the Finance and Budget Committee
10/03/2014 MP Kazem El-Kheir visit
08/03/2014 Participation in the Lebanese Economic Forum
06/03/2014 Meeting with a Delegation from the Islamic Development Bank
06/03/2014 Business meeting with MP Mustafa Hashem
05/03/2014 Starting Implementation of the Sewerage Network in Jbeil
05/03/2014 Meeting with a Delegation from World Bank
04/03/2014 Meeting with a Delegation from the World Bank and French Development Agency
03/03/2014 Visit of MP Hikmat Deeb
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