Laying the cornerstone of the conservatory in Dbayeh          Signing of a Chinese donation agreement supplement to construct and equip the National Conservatory Building    

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06/03/2014 Business meeting with MP Mustafa Hashem
05/03/2014 Starting Implementation of the Sewerage Network in Jbeil
05/03/2014 Meeting with a Delegation from World Bank
04/03/2014 Meeting with a Delegation from the World Bank and French Development Agency
03/03/2014 Visit of MP Hikmat Deeb
28/02/2014 Meeting with MP Farid El Khazen
28/02/2014 Visit of the World Bank Mission
26/02/2014 Meeting with the World Bank
26/02/2014 Meeting with MP Henry El Helou
25/02/2014 Meeting with Badaro Merchants
24/02/2014 Meeting with MP Mouin Merhebi
19/02/2014 Meeting with the Minister of Environment
19/02/2014 Meeting with Prime Minister Salam to Discuss the Naameh Garbage Landfill
06/02/2014 Meeting with a Delegation from the French Development Agency AFD
06/02/2014 Meeting with the UNDP Representative in Lebanon
04/02/2014 Meeting with the Head of the Municipality of Jbeil
30/01/2014 Visit of MP Simon Abi Ramia
30/01/2014 Meeting with a Delegation from the European Union Mission
29/01/2014 Visit of MP Nemet Allah Abi Nasr
29/01/2014 Meeting with a Delegation from the World Bank
28/01/2014 Meeting with a Delegation from the Municipality of Akkar Al Atika
23/01/2014 Participation in Joint Committees Meetings
21/01/2014 Meeting at the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities to Discuss Al-Naahmeh Garbage Landfill.
15/01/2014 MP Kazem El-Kheir Visit
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