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08/06/2012 Work meeting with the Head of the Municipality of Jounieh
07/06/2012 Inauguration of a water project in Keserwan in the presence of the Ambassador of Japan
06/06/2012 Initial signing of a loan agreement presented by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
06/06/2012 Participation in the Ministerial Committee
04/06/2012 Work meeting with MP Mr. Nemetallah Abi Nasr
31/05/2012 Signature of a grant from the European Union to support a program for environmental reform
31/05/2012 Work meeting with MP Sheikh Sami Gemayel
29/05/2012 Work meeting with MP Ziad Aswad
29/05/2012 Work meeting with the Ambassador of Switzerland
28/05/2012 Work meeting with a delegation from the Islamic Development Bank
23/05/2012 Work meeting with a delegation from the World Bank
23/05/2012 Work meeting with MP Jamal Al-Jarrah
22/05/2012 Participation in the Parliamentary Committee of Public Works,Transport,Energy and Water
18/05/2012 Signature of a draft loan agreement
09/05/2012 Work meeting with MP Farid Al-Khazen
08/05/2012 Launching ceremony of the strategic planning study for Al-Dinniyeh region
07/05/2012 Work meeting related to Jal El- Dib Bridge
07/05/2012 Work meeting with MP Mr. Elias Skaff
07/05/2012 Reunion de travail avec le deputes des regions
27/04/2012 Work meeting with the President of the Republic
26/04/2012 Work meeting with an Austrian delegation
24/04/2012 Work meeting with a delegation from the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development
23/04/2012 Work meeting with the ministerial Committe to study the planning of the eastern entrance of the city of Beirut
10/04/2012 Work meeting with MP Kazem Al-Khair
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