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22/10/2013 A Meeting with a Delegation from the Greek Development Agency
22/10/2013 A Meeting with the Head of Munjaz Municipality
09/10/2013 Meeting with the Japanese Ambassador to Lebanon
09/10/2013 Meeting with MP Alain Aoun
08/10/2013 The Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee
07/10/2013 A Working Meeting with MP Mustafa Hashem
04/10/2013 A Meeting with a Delegation from the World Bank
02/10/2013 A Meeting with the Ambassador of Belgium in Lebanon
01/10/2013 A Meeting with the Minister of Youth and Sports
25/09/2013 Finance and Budget Committee
24/09/2013 A Working Meeting with Al- Koura Region Deputy
24/09/2013 Visit by MP Ziad Qaderi
23/09/2013 Receiving MP Simon Abi Ramia
23/09/2013 A Working Meeting with MP Mohammad Hajjar
18/09/2013 Meeting at the Grand Serail
12/09/2013 A Working Meeting with Deputy Fatfat
10/09/2013 Launching of "E-government Portal-DAWLATI"
04/09/2013 Mikati meets Al-Raii
02/09/2013 Meeting to Discuss the Draft Law for the Coastal Gas Pipeline Project
29/08/2013 An Acquaintance Meeting with the Director of the French Development Agency
28/08/2013 Meeting with the President of the Republic
30/07/2013 Meeting at the Grand Serail
30/07/2013 A Working Meeting with MP Mohammad Hajjar
27/07/2013 Inauguration of the Sewage Plant in Bsharri
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