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07/10/2010 Work meeting with the Ambassador Patrick Laurent
06/10/2010 Work meeting with Electricity of Lebanon
05/10/2010 Work meeting with deputies of regions
29/09/2010 Work meeting at the ministry of Energy and Water
29/09/2010 Work meeting with the Danish Ambassador in Lebanon
29/09/2010 Work meetings of the President of CDR
28/09/2010 Work meeting with The Minister of Environment
27/09/2010 Speaker of the Parliament meets the President of CDR
21/09/2010 Work meeting with MP Mr. Mohammad El-Hajjar
21/09/2010 Work meeting with a delegation from the Contractors Syndicate
14/09/2010 Signature of a cooperation agreement with Germany
07/09/2010 Work meeting with the mayor of Tripoli
27/08/2010 Launching a rehabilitation workshop for Shakif Castle
24/08/2010 Work meeting at the Grand Saray to study the conditions at the official border crossings between Lebanon and Syria
23/08/2010 Work meeting at the Grand Saray to discuss the management of solid waste
28/07/2010 Work meeting with Head of Future MPs Bloc
22/07/2010 A workshop to discuss demands for tourism was held at the Grand Saray
20/07/2010 Work meeting with The Minister of Education and Higher Education
12/07/2010 Participation in the Economic and Financial Forum for the Mediterranean
01/07/2010 Participation in a conference on the construction sector
30/06/2010 Work meeting with deputies of Zahle region
22/06/2010 Signature of a loan agreement with the OPEC Fund for International Development
17/06/2010 Work meeting with Mr. Nabih Berri
17/06/2010 Work meeting with deputies of Jbeil region
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