Completion of the first phase of the project of the construction of the water drag tunnel from Alawali river          Meeting with MP Pharaon          Ceremony for launching of the first conference of the digital government          Visit of deputy M. Kazem El Kher      








28/06/2009 Visit of the President of CDR to Saudi Arabia
27/06/2009 Foundation stone for the project of setting up an antiquities Museum in the city of Sidon
26/06/2009 Ceremony of inaugurating the project of drawing water from Al-Rouyan spring to Aley
27/05/2009 Signing of three cooperation agreements between the Governments of Lebanon and Germany
15/05/2009 Foundation stone for the project of rehabilitation of the Orange Nassau Hospital in Tripoli
14/05/2009 Foundation stone for the Arab Highway project (Mideiraj - Taanayil section)
14/05/2009 Visit of the President of CDR with the delegation of the Saudi Fund for Development to the President of the Lebanese Republic
06/05/2009 Foundation stone for the Emergency Hospital project in Sidon
15/04/2009 The 38th Annual Conference of the Board of Governors of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
08/04/2009 Signing the donation agreement offered by Greece
07/04/2009 Signing three financing agreements with the Kuwaiti Fund for the Arab Economic Development
06/04/2009 Improvement of Beirut northern Entrance new coastal highway: Zalka Bauchrieh Interchange
06/04/2009 Rehabilitation Of The Northern Entrance Of Beirut Between Dora & Tabarja
03/04/2009 Signing a financing agreement worth 70 million Euros for the Sewerage Project in Kiserwan
03/04/2009 Visit to the President of the Republic
02/04/2009 The launch of refining a waste water station in Tripoli
28/03/2009 Inaugural ceremony of the Kiserwan Ftouh Government Hospital
26/03/2009 Urban Transport Development Project
27/02/2009 Meeting between the Chairman of the Council for Development and Reconstruction and the Spanish Decentralized Cooperation Mission.
26/02/2009 One Hundred and One Stories Book
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