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13/09/2011 Work meeting with MP Mr. Ziad Aswad
07/09/2011 Work meeting with MP Kassem Hashem
23/08/2011 Signature of a protocole for handing the Turkish Center for treatment of trauma and rehabilitation of the disabled in Sidon
29/07/2011 Signature of a grant from the EU
14/07/2011 Work meeting with The Minister of Environment
01/07/2011 Work meeting with the Prime Minister at the Grand Saray
28/06/2011 Work meeting with the Minister of Finance
17/06/2011 A Visit by a Delegation from JICA Agency
16/06/2011 Work meeting to speed up the work on the project of rehabilitating the area around Nahr Al-Bared camp
15/06/2011 Work meeting with MP Kazem El Kheir and MP Mr. Ali Fayad
14/06/2011 Inauguration of projects funded by the European Union
13/06/2011 Meeting with KFW mission
13/06/2011 Work meeting with a delegation from the Mission of the Islamic Development Bank
03/06/2011 Work meeting with The President of the Republic
27/05/2011 Site Inspection Visit to the Omani School Project
17/05/2011 Work meeting with a Pakistani delegation
05/05/2011 Work meeting with the Danish Ambassador in Lebanon
19/04/2011 Work meeting with a delegation from the Municipality of Jal el Dib
19/04/2011 Work meeting with MP Kazem El Kheir and MP Qasem Abdul Aziz
18/04/2011 Work meeting with MP Gilbert Zwein and MP Dr. Ghazi Youssef
15/04/2011 Work meeting with a delegation from the World Bank
14/04/2011 Work meeting with a team from UNDP
13/04/2011 Work meeting with MP Mr. Fadi El Haber
12/04/2011 Work meeting with Deputy Speaker Mr. Farid Makari
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