Laying the cornerstone of the conservatory in Dbayeh          Signing of a Chinese donation agreement supplement to construct and equip the National Conservatory Building    

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13/11/2011 Visit of the President of the Republic to the North
10/11/2011 Work meeting with a delegation from the World Bank
10/11/2011 Work meeting with a delegation from the European Bank for investment
27/10/2011 Laying the foundation stone for the water barrier in Saida
24/10/2011 Work meeting with a delegation from the World Bank
22/10/2011 Inaugurating the Lebanese - Germany Environmental Forum
19/10/2011 Workmeetin with a delegation headed by UN Secretary General special representative on Disaster Risk
18/10/2011 Delegation of deputies from the western and middle Bekaa area
18/10/2011 Work meeting with a delegation from the World Bank
17/10/2011 Work meeting with MP Stephan Douaihy
13/10/2011 Meeting of the Higher Ministerial Committee in charge of following-up on social affairs
12/10/2011 Work meeting with the Minister of Finance
11/10/2011 Workshop at the Grand Saray
10/10/2011 Meeting of the ministerial committee on social affairs at the Grand Saray
07/10/2011 Work meeting with the Czech Republic Ambassador to Lebanon
05/10/2011 Interview with LBCI
05/10/2011 Work meeting with MP Mr. Robert Fadel and MP Mr. Mohammad Hajjar
04/10/2011 Work meeting with MP Marwan Fares
03/10/2011 International conference under the title History of Tyre through archeology
29/09/2011 Inauguration of Tibnin Government Hospital
24/09/2011 Launch of the traffic control center in the premises of the Directorate of traffic
21/09/2011 Work meeting with a delegation of engineers from the Iran's contribution body to the reconstruction of Lebanon
21/09/2011 Work meeting with MP Dr Qasem Abdul Aziz
20/09/2011 Work meeting with the Executive Director of ESCWA in Lebanon
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