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11/04/2011 Work meeting with the Coordinator of UN programs in Lebanon
31/03/2011 Work meeting with MP Mr. Kazem El-Kheir
31/03/2011 Work meeting with a delegation from the Western Bekaa region
30/03/2011 Work meeting with MP Mr. Alain Aoun
29/03/2011 Work meeting with MP Hagop Bakradonian
23/03/2011 Work meeting with MP Dr. Ahmed Fatfat
17/03/2011 Work meeting with The Minister of Culture to launch the start of work at museum history of Beirut
04/12/2010 Ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the rehabilitation of Kherbet Kanafar hospital
01/12/2010 Work meetings with the Minister of Displaced and with MP Mr. Nehmatallah Abi Nasr
30/11/2010 Work meeting with MP Qassim Abdul-Aziz
30/11/2010 Work meeting with Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Mr. Farid Makari
23/11/2010 Participation in a conference on the Status of the Lebanese Economy
12/11/2010 Work meeting with the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs
10/11/2010 Work meeting with MP Dr. Ahmed Fatfat
27/10/2010 Work meeting with a Russian delegation
27/10/2010 Signature of a cooperation agreement with Germany
25/10/2010 Work meeting with MP Simon Abi Ramia
20/10/2010 Work meeting with a delegation of British Embassy officials
12/10/2010 Development work meeting at the Grand Saray
11/10/2010 Work meeting with Iranian economic delegation
08/10/2010 Work meeting with the World Bank
08/10/2010 Work meeting with deputies of Baalbek - Hermel region
07/10/2010 Work meeting with the Ambassador Patrick Laurent
06/10/2010 Work meeting with Electricity of Lebanon
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