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19/04/2010 Participation in the Lebanese - Turkish Forum
14/04/2010 Visit of the Danish Ambassador
14/04/2010 Work meeting with the ministerial committee
14/04/2010 Work meeting with Kurdistan's Minister of Construction
13/04/2010 Work meeting with the Minister of Energy and Water
07/04/2010 Participation in the annual joint meetings of Arab Financial Institutions
31/03/2010 Work meeting with a delegation from the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development
30/03/2010 Work meeting with Deputies of Elmenia- Aldinieh region
29/03/2010 Signature of two agreements with the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development
29/03/2010 Job opportunities at CDR
27/03/2010 Conference entitled: Baabda.is still in need
20/03/2010 Visit of Saidon Government Hospital and check the progress of work in the Turkish Hospital
18/03/2010 Lebanon Participates in the Shanghai World Expo
18/03/2010 Meeting in the Ministry of Energy to Address Qaysmani Dam Project
13/03/2010 Signing of a Lebanese-Turkish agreement to build a water system in Akkar
10/03/2010 Visit of the President of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society
10/03/2010 A Farewell visit by Turkish Ambassador
08/03/2010 Participation in the workshop "Private Sector Participation in Water Projects in Lebanon"
08/03/2010 Inspection of Baabda Government Hospital
05/03/2010 Work meeting with the Minister of Energy and Water
02/03/2010 Participation in a workshop on the Electricity Sector
25/02/2010 Work meeting with the Finance and Budget Committee
25/02/2010 Work meeting with a delegation from the the Saudi Fund for Development
25/02/2010 Meeting with a German delegation
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