Laying the cornerstone of the conservatory in Dbayeh          Signing of a Chinese donation agreement supplement to construct and equip the National Conservatory Building    

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27/06/2009 Foundation stone for the project of setting up an antiquities Museum in the city of Sidon
26/06/2009 Ceremony of inaugurating the project of drawing water from Al-Rouyan spring to Aley
27/05/2009 Signing of three cooperation agreements between the Governments of Lebanon and Germany
15/05/2009 Foundation stone for the project of rehabilitation of the Orange Nassau Hospital in Tripoli
14/05/2009 Foundation stone for the Arab Highway project (Mideiraj - Taanayil section)
14/05/2009 Visit of the President of CDR with the delegation of the Saudi Fund for Development to the President of the Lebanese Republic
06/05/2009 Foundation stone for the Emergency Hospital project in Sidon
15/04/2009 The 38th Annual Conference of the Board of Governors of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
08/04/2009 Signing the donation agreement offered by Greece
07/04/2009 Signing three financing agreements with the Kuwaiti Fund for the Arab Economic Development
06/04/2009 Improvement of Beirut northern Entrance new coastal highway: Zalka Bauchrieh Interchange
06/04/2009 Rehabilitation Of The Northern Entrance Of Beirut Between Dora & Tabarja
03/04/2009 Signing a financing agreement worth 70 million Euros for the Sewerage Project in Kiserwan
03/04/2009 Visit to the President of the Republic
02/04/2009 The launch of refining a waste water station in Tripoli
28/03/2009 Inaugural ceremony of the Kiserwan Ftouh Government Hospital
26/03/2009 Urban Transport Development Project
27/02/2009 Meeting between the Chairman of the Council for Development and Reconstruction and the Spanish Decentralized Cooperation Mission.
26/02/2009 One Hundred and One Stories Book
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