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One Hundred and One Stories Book

In the framework of the National Human Development Report for the year 2008-2009, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Council for Development and Reconstruction and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation organized the launching of the book "One Hundred and One Stories -  Citizenship Initiatives in Public Affairs" at the Bristol Hotel in the presence of the President of the Council for Development and Reconstruction  Nabil Al-Jisr representing the Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, the Minister of Interior and Municipalities Ziad Baroud, MPs, Yassin Jaber and Nasser Nasrallah, Ambassadors and Representatives of the civil non-governmental organizations and United Nations organizations in Lebanon.

Al-Jisr said "The idea and practice of active citizenship is not confined to the country's relationship with the citizen or the citizen's relationship with the country, but requires building constructive relations between the citizens themselves". He added, "The great challenge in the quest to achieve comprehensive development is based on the principles of citizenship, social justice and equality, which must be integrated systematically in the national strategies and policies".

He added, "the State and its institutions cannot accommodate the many initiatives of the civil society, however, it should not be an obstacle, nor remain in a state of indifference towards such initiatives, but rather its duty is to encourage such initiatives and to supply them with any available information as well as financial and moral assistance".

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