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Rehabilitation Of The Northern Entrance Of Beirut Between Dora & Tabarja
Project name: Rehabilitation Of The Northern Entrance Of Beirut Between Dora & Tabarja
Funding : Lebanese Government
Consultant: GICOME Antoine Salame et Associes Sarl
Contractor: JV Ets Antoine Makhlouf & Al Jihad for Commerce and Contracting
The project is a part of the improvement program of the Northern Entrance of Beirut City. It stretches on the Northern Highway from Dora till Tabarja.
The task is mainly a rehabilitation to the Highway pavement with major improvements to the storm water drainage network, lighting system, marking and signs and safety barriers.
The Works include :

- Milling of all the existing asphalt area (thickness 5cm),
- Milling of some areas (thickness 12cm) in order to replace deteriorated asphalt layers,
- Limestone leveling courses in order to strenghten pavement layers (overlay strategy),
- Basaltic wearing course thickness 5 cm for all the carriageway,
- Sidewalk repairs and construction,
- Construction of New NJB (type 107) Barriers and steel guard rail
- Ghazir Bridge : removal and replacement of 36 elastomeric bearing pads including design and justification method, jacking of the bridge deck and all other items necessary for the completion of the works,
- New lighting system and all related electrical and civil works,
- Ducts for fiber optic cables CCTV system with handholes and crossings and thus between Dora and Nahr El Kelb.
- Highway marking and signs,
- Construction of some new sections for the Storm Water drainage network,
- Drainage and sewerage cleaning by the means of jetting and suction machine units.
- Traffic deviation during the construction works,
- Other ancillary and associated works including traffic management during construction, reinstatement of roads disturbed by the works and tapering to the existing roads as necessary.

All works on the carriage way are carried on during night hours and thus between 9 PM and 5 AM.

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