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Work meeting with the Committee of Education

The Committee of Education, Higher Education and Culture held a meeting in the Parliament headed by MP Mrs. Bahia Hariri and in the presence of the Minister of Education, Dr. Hassan Diab and MPs Messrs. Riad Rahhal, Hussein Al-Musawi, Ali Osseiran, Farid Al-Khazen, Marwan Fares, Nidal Tohme, the President of the Council for Development and Reconstruction, Eng. Nabil El-Jisr, the Director-General of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Fadi Yarek, and the president of the Association for Basic Education in Public Schools Mrs. Aida Al-Khatib. The Committee approved the draft law included in Decree No. 6587 dated 13/10/2011 which allows the Lebanese government to amend the agreement with the Islamic Development Bank regarding the industrialization framework of the Lebanese University in Tripoli.

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