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The Launching of the Construction of Qaysmani Dam Project

 The President of the Council for Development and Reconstruction, Eng. Nabil El-Jisr, participated in the Launching ceremony of the construction of Qaysmani Dam Project which took place in response to an invitation from the Council and the Ministry of Energy and Water.

Minister of Energy and Water, Mr. Gebran Bassil, the Director General of the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development, Mr. Abdul Wahab Al-Bader,in addition to active figures from the Upper Metn region participated in the ceremony. The President of the Council delivered a speech on this occasion.


The Speech of the President of the Council for Development and Reconstruction, Eng. Nabil Adnan El-Jisr,


The launching Ceremony of the Construction of Qaysmani Dam project


Date: 23/10/2013

Place: Sahl El-Mghitta


His Excellency the Minister of Energy and Water Eng. Gubran Bassil,

His Excellency the Director General of the Kuwaiti Fund, Mr. Abdul Wahab Al-Bader,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We meet today to celebrate the launching of along-awaited project. Many of you have waited for this happy day much like a thirsty land awaits the promise of water. We are now in the month of October, this prosperous month carries good news this year to the towns and villages suspended between the earth and sky.

It is true that the wait was long, but it was not in vain. The main project was amended with the purpose of doubling the volume of water stored. The new design allows the storage of around 2Million cubic meters instead of half a million as was the case in the first draft of the project. The waiting period was also prolonged because we had to listen to concerns and try to dispel them.


Although numerous studies were carried out, we also prepared two additional ones after the dam site was changed: the first pertaining to the assessment of the environmental impacts of the project in accordance with the provisions of the Decree which governs such assessments, which was released during the past year. The second study analyzes the potential risks in case the dam malfunctions or gets damaged during or after its construction.

Both studies were prepared in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Energy and Water. Open discussions were held with municipalities and concerned and interested parties. The Ministry of Environment asked for all the available information to go ahead and give the green light to implement the project, which is exactly what happened.

We will continue to communicate with parties who still have concerns but in accordance to laws, regulations and scientific and technical data. This project has long been awaited by more than 25 towns and villages in upper Metn and is listed on the Ministry of Energy and Water's plan for the construction of dams respectively according to priority and the availability of funding.


When we talk about funding, Kuwait's role comes in. This is what we usually expect from Kuwait who has always been one of the first to extend its hand to help Lebanon and the last to ask for a reward or recognition. Kuwait views Lebanon not as regions or sects but as an Arab homeland with precious regions, where each citizen is a brother. Our Kuwaiti brothers have made sure that their initiatives comprise all Lebanese regions, including this great mountain which has a special place in the hearts of Kuwaitis.


The Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development was at the forefront of the funding institutions that focused on the water sector in Lebanon. When we head in the many regions of this country we find water installations throbbing with services and there are major water projects under implementation which tells about the depth of the friendship between Lebanon and Kuwait.


This project wouldn't have reached the implementation phase without the close cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Water, which supervised all stages, from studies to financing and then awarding contracts to start work.

We would like to thank His Excellency Minister Basil, the working group of the Ministry and the Water Establishment of Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

We would also like to thank the Kuwaiti Fund and its Director General, Mr. Abdul Wahab Al-Bader and those who work in the Fund.

We hope to thank the contractor and the consultant in the future, on condition that the project is a Model in terms of observing standards and complying with deadlines.

Congratulations to the Upper Metn area for this dam, which no matter how high it will be, it will never reach the highness of its great people.

Thank you. 

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