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Progress Report July 2007

- Message from the President
(PDF 125 KB)

- Main Sectors Development
Basic Infrastructures
           - Electricity
(PDF 2.89 MB)
           - Telecommunications
(PDF 1.35 MB)
           - Roads
(PDF 13.8 MB)

Socio-economics sectors
          - Education
(PDF 9.29 MB)
          - Public health
(PDF 2.17 MB)
          - Social Affairs
(PDF 1.48 MB)
          - Environment and Physical planning
(PDF 6.46 MB)

          - Water Supply (PDF 8.26 MB)
          - Waste Water (PDF 4.05 MB)
          - Solid Waste (PDF 1.39 MB)

        Productive sectors and other sectors
          - Agriculture and irrigation (PDF 6.0 MB)
          - Ports and Airports (PDF 1.98 MB)
          - Government Buildings (PDF 1.74 MB)

- Financing the Reconstruction (PDF 2.1 MB)