Work meeting with two deputies of Akkar region          Ministerial meeting for equipping Rafik Hariri International Airport          Launching ceremony of the project supporting industrial zones          Opening of the new headquarter of the ministry of Public Health          Prime minister visit          Meeting with the MP Farid ElKhazen          Work Meeting          Signing of a grant agreement between Lebanon and the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development worth $30 million.      







 Projects in process to be awarded


Latest Ongoing Projects: Detailed Description


CDR ongoing projects and contracts are distributed over the following four main sectoral groups:

Physical infrastructure
    • Social infrastructure
    • Basic services
    • Productive and other sectors

The tables can list:
    • Distribution of projects and contracts in progress in a specific sector that make up the sectoral group
    • Distribution of projects and contracts in progress financed by a specific donor
    • Distribution of projects and contracts in a specific geographical location

The information supplied for every contract in every table is:
    • Project title
    • Contract title
    • Works start date
    • Works end date
    • Contractor/Consultant name
    • Contract amount

Ongoing contracts listed by Sector :

Ongoing contracts listed by Fund Source :

Ongoing contracts listed by Geographical Location :